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Dog Walking

We offer a 45-minute long dog walking service. This is a group dog walk with other friendly pups and one of our experienced dog walkers. Our dog walker will personally come pick up your dog from home and take them to the forest for a long, relaxing walk. After the walk is over, your dog will safely be returned to their home and you will receive a report, along with photos and videos, sent to you personally from our dog walker.

What’s the first step?

The first step is to book a free of charge Meet & Greet that we offer to all our new, first-time clients. This can be done by email, or Whatsapp message. During this home visit, one of our dog walkers will introduce themselves and discuss the details of the dog walk with you. This visit is an opportunity for our team member to get to know your dog and for you to show our dog walker where he/she can find all the needed supplies. You can also give the house key to our team member during this visit or hand it over at a later time.

What is the routine of the service?

The group dog walk starts off by picking up your dog(s) from home using the key you provided us with. Then we will take them to the nearest forest for a long, relaxing, playful walk. Our group dog walks consist of a maximum of 5 dogs. Once the 45-minute walk has been completed, our dog walker will return your dog(s) home and (if requested and provided by the client) will be given a yummy treat.

If your dog’s walk requires a specific time frame (for example, early morning or late evening walk) or a personal 1-on-1 walk, this needs to be discussed in advance.

Ask us about our loyalty program! Every 30th walk is free for our dog walking clients.

The group dog walk lasts 45 minutes each walk and includes:

  • At home pick-up

  • ​Forest walk

  • Playtime

  • Socializing with other dogs

  • Quick pet clean-up

  • Fresh water

  • Treats

  • At home drop-off

  • Dog Walking Report, along with photos & videos, sent to you personally.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with:

  • A house key

  • Your dog’s harness or collar & leash

  • Your dog’s favorite treats

  • Signed client contract & other forms (if applicable).

Don’t forget to drop a house key off at our office before the requested dog walking service, or request a "Key Handover" when you call/ email us to make an appointment and we will send one of our team members to come pick it up if you can’t find the time to drop it off yourself.

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