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Pet Taxi

Everyone’s schedule gets overwhelming sometimes. That doesn’t mean your pet has to miss their appointments. They need their spa days and doctor visits, too!

We offer our Pet Taxi service to all kinds of pets. We will come pick-up your pet from your home, take them to all their necessary appointments, then drop them back off at home again. 

These appointments may include vet visits, grooming appointments, or maybe just dropping them off at Grandma’s. Whichever the case may be, we will gladly chauffeur them around town!

What’s the first step?

The first step is to book a free of charge Meet & Greet that we offer to all our new, first-time clients. This can be done by email, or Whatsapp message. During this home visit, one of our team members will introduce themselves and discuss the details of the pet taxi with you. This visit is an opportunity for our team member to get to know your  pet and for you to show our ‘pet chauffeur' where he/she can find all the needed supplies. You can also give the house key to our team member during this visit or hand it over at a later time.

What is the routine of the service?

The pet taxi service starts off by picking up your pet(s) from home (or another agreed upon location) using the key you provided us with. Then we will chauffeur them to their first appointment on their schedule. If this appointment is a vet visit, we will stay with your pet(s) during the entire appointment. If this appointment is a visit to the groomer, then we will drop off your pet(s) at the salon and pick them up when their appointment is over since some salon visits can take up to 2-3 hours. Once all their appointments have been completed, we will drop them back off at home or any other place you have discussed with our team member.

The duration of the pet taxi service depends on the number of appointments your pet has, the location & duration of the appointments, and of course traffic. To summarize, our pet taxi service includes:

  • At home pick-up (or other agreed upon location)

  • ​Taxi ride to all appointments

  • Fresh water

  • Treats (provided by client)

  • At home drop-off (or other agreed upon location)

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with: 

  • A House key (if applicable)

  • The addresses and times of the appointment(s)

  • Your pet’s passport (make sure their vaccines are current

  • Your pet’s essentials (harness, leash, pet carrier, blanket, treats, favorite toy, etc.)

  • Signed client contract & other forms (if applicable)

Don’t forget to drop a house key off at our office before the requested pet taxi service, or request a "Key Handover" when you call/ email us to make an appointment and we will send one of our team members to come pick it up if you can’t find the time to drop it off yourself.

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