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Our Services

Check out the various services we offer! Click on “More Details” to get additional info about each service.

We focus on offering our services in the western region of Luxembourg (Steinfort, Capellen, Mamer, etc.) and the city center. However, some of our services we offer at further distances. Please contact us to find out if we cater to your town.

Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting service is a 20 - 30-minute home visit, where we check up on your precious pet. This visit includes mealtime, playtime, cleaning your pet’s litter box, and if needed, giving them their medication.

Dog Sitting

Our Dog Sitting service is provided at the client's home and is custom to each client, depending on the needs of the dog.

Please contact us to find out if this is the right service for your dog.

Dog Walking

Our Dog Walking service is a 60-minute forest walk, where your dog gets to socialize and play with other friendly pups. This service includes pick-up from home, walking, playtime, treats,

refreshments, a quick pet clean up, and drop-off back at home.

Pet Taxi

Your pet has an appointment at the groomer or at the vet, but your busy schedule won’t allow you to take him/her? Allow us! Our Pet Taxi service includes a pick-up from home, driving your pet around to his/her appointments, and finally a drop-off at home.

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