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Pet Sitting

We offer our pet sitting service to various small animals. These include: cats, bunnies, turtles and hamsters.

Please note that our pet sitting service does not apply to dogs since dogs require more care-taking. 

This service is perfect for when you are enjoying a long vacation or a weekend out of town, but can’t bring your pet with you. This service is also useful if you spend all day at work and would just like someone to check in on your pet throughout the day. Or maybe you have a fun night-out planned with friends where you will also be staying the night? Just leave it to us and we’ll come take care of your pet!

What’s the first step?

The first step is to book a free of charge Meet & Greet that we offer to all our new, first-time clients. This can be done by email, or Whatsapp message. During this home visit, one of our pet sitters will introduce themselves and discuss the details of the pet sitting with you. This visit is an opportunity for our pet sitter to get to know your pet and for you to show our pet sitter where he/she can find all the needed supplies. You can also hand over your house key during this visit or, if you prefer, do so at a later time.

What is the routine of the service?

We offer 3 options for the pet sitting times: early morning (between 8am - 10am) , late afternoon/evening (between 5pm - 7pm), or anytime (8am - 7pm). The pet sitting visit starts off by entering your home using the key you provided us with. Then we will supply your pet with the fresh food and water you have laid out for our pet sitter. If your pet is in need of medication, that will be given to them as well. During the visit, we will also clean or change your pet’s litter box/ cage. The rest of the visit includes playtime, petting, and brushing (if requested). We also offer our clients that we collect your mail and water your plants if that is something you wish. 

You are also able to book this service twice a day, in case your pet needs that extra amount of attention.

The pet sitting service lasts 20-30 minutes each visit and includes:

  • Feeding

  • Playtime

  • Cleaning/Changing litter box

  • Giving pet medication

  • Brushing

  • Watering plants

  • Collecting mail

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with:

  • A house key

  • Your pet’s food

  • Litter box supplies/ Cleaning supplies

  • Your pet’s grooming supplies

  • Your pet’s favorite toys

  • Your pet’s passport (make sure their vaccines are current)

  • Your pet’s veterinary contact information

  • Your pet’s carrier bag (in case of an emergency)

  • Your pet’s medication (if applicable)

  • Signed client contract & other forms (if applicable).

Don’t forget to drop a house key off at our office before the requested pet sitting visit, or request a "Key Handover" when you call/ email us to make an appointment and we will send one of our pet sitters to come pick it up if you can’t find the time to drop it off yourself.

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